Who We Are

Hayat-e-Nau is an Urdu word means "The New Life" . Hayat-e-Nau Society for Human Development is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious and non-profit Organization, Which was established in February 1997 by the people who were passionate and keen to work for children with disabilities. The Organization was registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 in February, 2004. The registration number is: 4107.

Hayat- e- Nau started its operation as a Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) project for children with disabilities with the financial assistance of Caritas Netherlands under the supervision and management of Caritas Pakistan Hyderabad. In August 2003, it became an independent organization. Over the years, Hayat-e-Nau is providing a range of services: Health care, Rehabilitation, Education, Food, Shelter, Livelihood to children with disabilities with the purpose of maximizing their abilities/potential to live an integrated and dignified life. Hayat-e-Nau Society for Human Development is working in Hyderabad, Sindh to encourage the inclusion and the recognition of the rights of children and people with disabilities to be active citizens in society.

It works for integral and sustainable human development and seeks to be in solidarity with the poor, marginalized and oppressed in their efforts for empowerment, development and promotion of their dignity and rights. It strives to empower them socially and economically through achieving self-sufficiency and working for their inclusion and integration into all aspects of society.

The organization is working through.

  • Service Delivery
  • Community Awareness/ Social Mobilization
  • Research & Surveys
  • Capacity Building
  • Advocacy & Lobbying
  • Networking

Our Vision

Hayat-e-Nau envisions a society with equal opportunities for all. And that children and people with disabilities achieve their potential and live full lives as equal and valued citizens.

Mission Statement

To empower marginalized and vulnerable people, especially those with disabilities, through developing their human potential and promoting their inclusion and social acceptance within society and their rights to live a dignified life.

Our Believes

Hayat-e-Nau believes that God's love extends to all humankind .

Our Objectives

  1. To improve the quality of life of common person through provision of quality health, education and income generation activities
  2. To support and provide growing opportunities to vulnerable segments of society with a focus on persons with disabilities, women and children.
  3. To improve the access to basic rights through advocacy, networking and lobbying.
  4. To respond to any type of emergencies in any part of country through life saving operations and access to shelter, food and health facilities.

Core Values

Hayat-e-Nau believes and subscribes to these core values:
  • Equal employment opportunities for all without any discrimination
  • Participation of community members at all stages of the development process
  • To respect all religions, diverse cultures, mores, values and beliefs
  • Promote gender equality and gender equity at every level
  • Maintain high level of transparency and accountability of resources
  • To ensure collaboration, coordination and cooperation with other sister organizations and social networks
  • To provide opportunities for learning and capacity building to the employees through trainings and refresher courses


  • Peace building
  • Inter-faith harmony

Our Future Plan

  1. To extend our Rehabilitation Day Care Centre for Children with Disabilities within local communities and to upgrade into a Community Based Rehabilitation Resource Centre.
  2. To initiate Community Based Rehabilitation Program in rural areas of lower Sindh
  3. To start one year Community Based Rehabilitation Worker's Training Course
  4. Vocational Training/ Skill Development Project for (PWDs) Persons with Disabilities
  5. Disability Rights Awareness Project among General public especially Youth through Street Theatre and Interactive Dialogue Sessions
  6. Strategic Plan 2017 - 2019
  7. Partnerships and Networking

Thematic Areas

S. No Theme Sub Theme
1 Disability
  • Rights of Children with Disabilities.
  • Children deprived of education
  • Education for Children with Disabilities
  • Livelihood for disabilities
  • Rehabilitation Centre & Special education
  • Daily life skills
  • Capacity building for parents and persons with disabilities
2 Health
  • Basic Health Care Services through Free Mobile Medical Camps in remote areas of lower sindh
  • Health Awareness Campaigns
  • Awareness on sexual and reproductive health
  • Mother and child health care awareness
  • Promote health and hygiene in community
3 Education
  • Promote Formal & Non-formal education
  • Awareness on disability & rights
  • Education awareness seminars
  • Education for adults
4 Civic Education
  • Citizen Rights with focus on Minorities, Women and Children
  • Rule of Law
  • Accountability & Transparency
5 Women Empowerment
  • Women Inheritance Law Awareness
  • Women Empowerment through Education & skill trainings
  • Skill Training Center
  • Women Rights Awareness and advocacy