Hayat-e-Nau [Urdu for New Life] Society for Human Development is a local, officially registered non-profit making organization with a strong grassroots base within the local communities of District Hyderabad (population: approximately 4.5 million) where it works.
It commits itself to work for integral and sustainable human development and seeks to be in solidarity with the poor, marginalized and oppressed in their efforts for empowerment, development and the promotion of their dignity and human rights.

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Hayat-e-Nau envisions a society with equal opportunities for all. And that children and people with disabilities achieve their potential and live full lives as equal and valued citizens.

Mission Statement

To empower marginalized and vulnerable people, especially those with disabilities, through developing their human potential and promoting their inclusion and social acceptance within society and their rights to live a dignified life.


1. To improve the quality of life of common person through provision of quality health, education and income generation activities.

2. To support and provide growing opportunities to vulnerable segments of society with a focus on persons with disabilities, women and children.

3. To improve the access to basic rights through advocacy, networking and lobbying.

4. To respond to any type of emergencies in any part of country through life saving operations and access to shelter, food and health facilities.

Hayat-e-nau News

Uploaded Progress Repot Outreach Health Care Project 2016.

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Promote Formal & Non-formal education
Awareness on disability & rights
Promote social justice, peace and love for humanity


Disability is a major concern of Hayat-e-Nau. It works to improve the quality of life and for the promotion and protection of equal rights of persons with disability.


We will create awareness amongst the general public, families (parents of children with disabilities) for prevention and cure of diseases.

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