Support Us

Your small support can develop life of those children who are looking forward to your help. So, contact NOW to become an Angel and be a part of this noble cause by supporting underprivileged. We always welcome people with the courage to become a support for a living soul. Make a positive, lasting impact in the lives of those who are most in need and will benefit from your support.


Sponsor one or more children

Cost details PKR US $ EURO UK
Need per week for a child 1,000 10 9 6
Need per month for a child 4,000 40 36 26
Need per year for a child 48,000 480 428 308
Lunch for children per day 2,000 20 18 13
Wheel chair for a child 7,500 74 67 48
C.P Chair for a child 9,000 87 79 57
Walker for a child 2,000 20 18 13
Corner Chair for a child 3,000 30 26 19
Standing Board for a child 8,000 78 71 51
Eid / Christmas Gift Cloths + Shoes for a child 3,000 30 26 19
Please note: the above projected figures are subject to re-adjustment due to currency exchange rate fluctuation
1. Cover a part of our running Costs
Rent & Utilities, Transport, Physio equipment, Assistive devices, teaching material, meal for children, Eid or Christmas Gifts etc.

2. Make a donation in money or in Kind
Your help could be the first small step in lighting a candle of hope for our children with special needs and their families.


Please send your donation in cash at office or by online or make crossed cheque or pay order in the name of Hayat-e-Nau SLF


Bank account details are as follows

Title of Account: Hayat-e-Nau - SLF
Account number: 0016010003022-8
Currency of account: Pakistani Rupees
Bank Name: Askari Bank Limited
Full Address: 332 333, Saddar Bazar Branch, P.O. Box No. 470, Hyderabad 71000 Sindh, Pakistan


For further details please contact:
Javed Sadiq, Executive Director
Mobile: +92-333-2671396