Emergencies/Disaster Response - Outreach Health Care Project

This project was jointly initiated by Hayat-e-Nau Society for Human Development and Catholic Diocese of Hyderabad in response to the devastating floods due to heavy rains throughout Pakistan in September, 2010 especially in lower Sindh.

Our health team has been engaged in providing basic health care services through Free Mobile Health Clinics in districts Hyderabad, Jamshoro and Thatta. And continuously from 26th August, 2011 for monsoon rains/flood affected people (who were suffering from various diseases, caused by stagnant water, dead animals and other pollution) in districts Hyderabad, Jamshoro, Tando Allah Yar, Mirpurkhas, Tando Mohammad Khan, and Thatta.

From the beginning we targeted those communities and groups of people not being reached by the government, local authorities, political parties or other NGOs. We focused on the poorest and most in need in the districts Hyderabad, Jamshoro and Thatta of interior Sindh who were camped along the roadside or huddled in small groups for protection. Many of them belonged to minorities and tribal groups who were afraid to seek refuge in the officially set-up camps of the majority.

Currently, we are working in Hyderabad Rural, Kotri and Matiari; there are no flood conditions but health concerns are still present due to lack of health amenities. In 2015 - 2016 through free mobile medical camps we have been able to reach and treat 44,628 people (Male 8,959 - Female 21,600 - Children (14,069) mostly suffering from skin infections, eye infections, communicable diseases, fevers, malaria, diarrhea and waterborne diseases as well as malnutrition.

Where We worked

Hayat-e-Nau Society for Human Development is presently working in below mentioned districts of lower Sindh:

S. No Districts Taluka Union Councils (UC)
1 Hyderabad
  • Latifabad
  • Hyderabad Rural
  1. UC - 17, Hussari
  2. UC - Hattari
  3. UC - Hussari
  4. UC - Almani
  5. UC - Tando Haider
  6. UC - Tando Fazal
  7. UC - Tando Jam
2 Jamshoro
  • Kotri
  1. UC - 3, Mano Bheel
  2. UC - Allah Bachayo Shoro
3 Tando Allah Yar
  • Tando Allah Yar
  • Jhando Mari
  1. UC - Nasur pur
  2. UC - Dasori
  3. UC - Tando Soomro